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    By Grace Gouin
    Making: How To Make Thrums for Thrumming
    When we approached knitter and pattern writer, Lindsay Bach, about developing a slipper knit kit, her mind immediately went to a technique called thrumming. Developed in some of the colder regions of the world (Newfoundland and Labrador) it is perfect for a snuggly and warm knit kit. For this technique, roving is used to create small figure eights that are...
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  2. /blogs/news/process-one-of-a-kind-felted-batts
    By Amalia Fragoso
    Process: One of a Kind Felted Batts
    When I was in school, the first skill we learned was how to make felt. Being new to the process, I pictured what could be bought from Michael’s, which really didn’t excite me. As I started working with it, the wheels started turning. I could make it my own, using different types of fiber, constructing a whole new design. This...
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  3. /blogs/news/design-files-textured-triangles-pillow
    By Allyson Ansusinha
    Design Files: Textured Triangles Pillow
    I love a good tweed. I started wearing tweed blazers in middle school, though I don't remember them ever being in fashion. The neutral colors-usually contrasting browns and blacks, flecked with dots of color and woven into a slightly rough texture- had so many points of interest to me. Though The Textured Triangles Pillow is nothing like Harris Tweed, it...
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  4. /blogs/news/the-artisan-series-wrap-pin
    By Allyson Ansusinha
    The Artisan Series Wrap Pin
    Asheville-based, Columbia, SC-born artist and designer Cory Williams (Founder and Creative Director of Studio Weyh) is inspired by the grit of the South Carolina city he grew up in and the Japanese design philosophy of Wabi Sabi, to name just two. The urban decay of rusting metal piqued his interest early on and has stuck with him; he finds beauty in...
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  5. /blogs/news/for-the-trekker
    By Grace Gouin
    For the Trekker
    Our final gift guide is For the Trekker in your life! Whether they like to run, hike, climb, ski, or just sit by the fire, we have them covered. Because these are the last days of shipping before Christmas, we are making this collection 25% so that you can fill the stockings of all your folks with love and socks! ...
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  6. /blogs/news/for-the-traveler
    By Grace Gouin
    For the Traveler
    When our minds start turning from shopping, to travel plans, we can feel the stress load double, so we wrapped the two into one to help us all keep our heads - hence, a gift guide For The Traveler. Use THETRAVELER at checkout for 15% off the collection through December 21st.  1. Artisan Series Honey - The 2016 edition of our Artisan...
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  • Process: One of a Kind Felted Batts
  • Design Files: Textured Triangles Pillow
  • The Artisan Series Wrap Pin
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