1. Baby Love - For the Baby, Gift Guide
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    08/December Baby Love - For the Baby, Gift Guide

    Our next featured Gift Guide is for the baby, and their happy, but possibly stressed out, parents! Everything on the list is intended to make daily life with new baby easier, softer, and, of course, all natural! 

    Here are the highlights!

    100% Organic Cotton Baby Blanket1. Basket Weave & Checked Rose Baby Blankets - Nothing says pure like 100% organic cotton, especially when it is grown in California and spun into undyed yarn, and knit on a solar powered knitting machine. These blankets are beautifully made with love right in house and are easy to wash and care for so you don't have to fuss about little spills.

    All Natural Nursing Blanket2. Birds Eye Nursing Shawl - As far as nursing shawls go, this one is a real beauty. Beautiful enough to be worn as an accessory all day, large enough to wrap around you both. The beautiful birds eye design is knit out of 100% Tencel, a natural wood pulp fiber that is one of the most environmentally preferred materials on earth. We dye it in house using madder root, a natural dye that we grow on the farm.

    100% Wool Dryer Ball3. Colored Dryer Balls - We've said it before, and we will keep on saying it - babies love playing with wool dryer balls. These one are spruced up with extra colors from scrap wool here at the mill to make them extra interesting to baby. All natural these guys have no chemical additives so they are safe to drool cllllll over! They also reduce drying time by 25% when put in the dryer with your laundry, which is music to any parents ears!

    Extra Large Alpaca Figure 4. Alpaca Figurine - Nursery decor is taking a major upgrade with this extra large alpaca figurine. Soft and durable, this beauty is gorgeous and perfect for play time! 

    Natural Detergent Alternative5. Laundry Pills & Soap Nuts - Not to keep going on about laundry, but we all know that new parents do A LOT of it, so why not reduce the amount of chemicals you come in contact with on a daily basis by using these natural detergent alternatives! Made from nuts from India, these guys can be used in a muslin sack and kept whole or you can go for the ground up soap nuts in pill form that dissolve in the laundry. 

    100% Wool Baby Blanket
    6. Virgin Wool Basket Weave Baby Blanket - For babies sleeping in colder climates, we heartily suggest this beautiful 100% wool blanket knit with a tactile basket weave pattern. Made with undeyed virgin wool, this gorgeous blanket is completely natural - enough to satisfy even the most careful parent.  

    7. Wool Mattress Crib Pad - If you're trying to help baby have a better rest, this wool mattress pad will help do the trick. Felted from local wool that has never been treated with dyes or chemicals, the mattress pad slips between the mattress and the sheets and softens the crib as well as absorbing VOCs that are inherent in most mattresses. Helpful for thermo and moisture control, wool also naturally resists dust and mildew. Be careful though, side effect include trying to crawl into the crib so you can sleep with the baby! 

    Wool Mattress Crib Pad

    Use code "THEBABY" at checkout for 15% off the collection from December 8th to the 15th. Happy Holidays! 


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