1. Gift Guide for the Felter, Spinner, & Dyer
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    14/December Gift Guide for the Felter, Spinner, & Dyer

    Today's gift guide is tailored specifically For The Felter, Spinner, & Dyer in your life! At the mill we are focused on felting, spinning, and dyeing every day so it is really exciting for us to share some of our favorite tools, and even some natural dyes we grew ourselves! Use THEFELTER at checkout for 15% off the collection from December 14 to the 21st! 

    For the Spinner:

    Drop Spindle 1. Drop Spindle & Roving - Ah yes, this is really a beginners kit. A lot of people who are spin curious like to get started with a drop spindle before diving into a spinning wheel. Some spinners simply love the drop spindle so much they stick with it for good! We love this top-whorl wooden spindle. Even if your gift recipient does move on to a spinning wheel, they will always keep this one in their collection!

    Spinning Yarn - How To Spin2. The Complete Guide to Spinning Yarn - A VERY helpful accessory for any budding spinner, yet also an informative resource for a seasoned spinner. After mastering the basics, there are fun projects towards the back of the book to test what you've learned and put it to  use! 

    For the Felter:

    Wet Felting Tool3: Wet Felting Kit - This beautiful and handmade tool hails all the way from Minnesota! Great gift for anybody starting to learn wet felting or an experienced filter who is still doing the tedious final steps of wet felting by hand rolling. This tool greatly speeds up the process so that your friend or loved one can spend more time on their creativity and less time finishing a project - who doesn't want that?

    Felting Needle4. Felting Needles - For those who prefer dry felting or enjoy embellishing their wet felted project, these grade A felting needles are the perfect find. Available in a range of sizes, these handle little tools work by simply getting stabbed into a fluff of wool (and a foam background if nothing else) and they entangle the fibers together causing a tiny felted area. Just keep stabbing the roving with the needle and voila - design. The needles design allows the felter to get very precise with their work!

    Wool Buddies5. Needle Felting Pallet & Wool Buddies - Paired with the felting needle, this awesome color pallet and inspiring book make a perfect gift set - everything a beginner or experienced felter needs to make some really adorable Buddies!


    For the Dyer 


    Madder Root6. Madder Root & Weld, Natural Dyes  - We grow these plants with care here at the mill and also at the Echoview Farm. They are harvested at their peak season for dye color and then carefully dehydrated to preserve the color so that they can be used to dye at home! These make a great gift for someone who has worked with natural dyes in the past and is looking to get their hands on some mindfully grown dye material! Both dyes are ancient dyes, and have been used to create rich and colorfast hues for centuries.

    Greener Shade Non-Toxic Dye7. Greener Shades Dye - For those dyers who want to explore dyes outside of the natural dye pallet but are still looking for a healthy and safe alternative to RIT (amen). Used to dye silk, wool, nylon, alpaca, or any other animal fiber, these beautiful dyes are non-hazardous and do not require some of the extra steps of natural dyes. Safe, beautiful, and easy - sounds good!

    Merino, Alpaca, and Mohair Yarn8. Dyable Yarn or Baby Blanket Finally, you'll need some beautiful animal fibers to test out your fun new dyes, or just great material for dyes you already have growing in your own yard! We suggest the beautiful 2 ply Haley Yarn, a stunningly beautiful blend of merino, alpaca, and mohair. If you're looking to dye a quick and unique gift for a sweet babe you know, our virgin wool blanket is pre-knit so that you can just focus on the color!








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