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    24/August Fiber Processing


    Echoview’s committed to processing your fiber like it’s our own.  Our fiber is produced from the sheep and alpaca that graze here on our farm – we get it. From the moment we receive your fiber and start the wash to the moment it becomes yarn or felt, we meticulously protect and control your product through every stage, ensuring the fiber you send us is the fiber you get back.

    How to Place an Order

    Placing an order for Echoview Fiber processing is easy and may be done in several ways:

    • Call our experienced Customer Service Department toll free at 1-855-MYFIBER (855-693-4237) and someone will guide you through the ordering process.
    • Complete our downloadable order form and submit it directly with your fiber.
    • Deliver your fiber in person to Echoview Fiber Mill, 76 Jupiter Rd. in Weaverville, NC.
    • Bring your fiber to fiber fairs, or similar events where Echoview is participating, then place your order on site. Check the Events Calendar for upcoming events in which Echoview is participating and accepting fiber.
    • Note: Please pick up your order in a timely manner. A 5% late charge will be applied if orders are not picked up within 30 days of notification. We can hold your order no longer than 60 days after it is processed and invoiced. Remaining fiber/yarn that is linked to unpaid accounts will become the property of Echoview Fiber Mill after 60 days.

    Price List

    Order Form

    Fleece Preparation

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