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    06/December For the Homebody

    To help reduce a little stress around the holidays and for the shopper who would honestly rather stay home, we have been creating some great gift guides for all the different people in your life! We will be posting about them every few days and creating 15% off coupons for the collections as we announce them! Our guides are for the homebody, the trekker, the baby, the knitter or crocheter, the dyer/spinner/felter, and for the traveler. 

    Kicking off the guides is our list For The Homebody; the domestic god or goddess in your life. That person you know and love who gets their kicks while hanging out on the couch or by the fire, eating in, and nesting. You know who we're talking about!

    Here are our top picks for the Homebody:

    Crochet Baskets for the Home1. Crochet Baskets - Our crochet baskets are made by hand out of our wool yarn. Many of the colors and details are naturally dyed here as well! These guys a perfect for tidying up all those creative projects, kids toys, or extra throw blankets lying around your living room so that you can get back to relaxing rather than tidying up! 

    2. Varied Stripe Throw Blanket - This beauty attracts so much attention wherever it goes, so we are hoping that it will draw you to a more relaxed state every time you settle down to cozy up. Made from 100% wool and beautifully knit and felted, the colorful stripes are reminiscent of the iconic Hudson Bay blankets, but with a really fun and modern twist. 

    3. Utility Sock - Nothing beats cozying up the the fire like a pair of warm socks that can take the warmth with you when it is time to hit the hay. Our utility socks are famous for their functionality in boots, but their biggest fans tell us that they get just as much use for getting cozy at home on a cold night! 

    Sheepskin Rug4. Sheepskin Rug Knit Kit - For the Homebody who is also a knitter, we suggest the Sheepskin Rug Knit Kit! This is a super fun pattern to knit featuring the loop stitch in our scrumptious Haley Yarn, and the best part is that when you are done you have a stylish and cozy home accessory to accent your favorite chair!

    Wool and Alpaca Throw Pillow5. Textured Triangles Pillow - Speaking of accenting your favorite chair.. the Textured Triangle Pillow is a swoon-worthy home accessory made from a stunning blend of wool and alpaca yarn. You choice of a down or hypoallergenic insert make this pillow perfect for the comfort lover on your list.

    6. Dryer Balls - Sure to delight the laundry wizard in your life, our wool dryer balls are not only good at softening your laundry and reducing your drying time by 25%, but by pairing them with essential oils they make doing laundry feel like play time. They also double as great baby/dog/cat/juggling toys for actual play time! 

    7. At Knits End - Finally, may we suggest a good book? This sweet tale offers meditations on knitting and the yarn-aholic lifestyle so that you can cozy up and enjoy your nog without spilling on your knitting. 

    Use the code "THEHOMEBODY" from today, December 6, through December 13 for 15% this collection and surprise the Homebody in your life with gifts they will absolutely love.


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