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    15/December For the Traveler

    When our minds start turning from shopping, to travel plans, we can feel the stress load double, so we wrapped the two into one to help us all keep our heads - hence, a gift guide For The Traveler. Use THETRAVELER at checkout for 15% off the collection through December 21st. 

    Artisan Honey Jar1. Artisan Series Honey - The 2016 edition of our Artisan Honey Series are very popular as gifts for your hosts if you are traveling and staying with friends or family this holiday season. They are made by hand at Lexington Glassworks, a local studio, and filled with our honey from the farm! The beauty of this gift is that after the honey is all gone, the gold foil jar makes a beautiful vase or can be refilled with local honey again and again.

    BeeNaturally Lip Balm2. Bee Naturally Lip Balm - Because this is the time of year that everyone deals with chapped lips, and using a lip balm you have to apply with your finger while you're in the airport is super gross, these fabulous lip balms are the perfect stocking stuffer for the traveler in your house. 

    100% Baby Alpaca Shawl3. Baby Alpaca Shawl - Another great airplane accessory, we initially made this wrap at the behest of our founder who spend a lot of time traveling. Lightweight enough to scrunch down into a scarf shape, this wrap is large enough to cover your shoulders and neck and feel like a small blanket. Made from 100% Baby Alpaca, it is warm without being stifling, and very very soft! 

    Wrap and Hair Pin4. Artisan Series Wrap Pin - Nothing is more frustrating when you're on the go than a scarf or a wrap that keeps slipping out of place, or when your hair seems to be going absolutely everywhere.  We teamed up with a local artist, Studio Wehy, on this amazing wrap pin that fixes both complains. Easy to secure through a knit wrap, this beautiful object also doubles as a hair pin that even works with finer hair. Personally, I wear one in my hair every day - down with ugly hair ties! 

    100% Baby Alpaca Scarf5. Baby Alpaca Ribbed Scarf - A slightly heavier scarf made from 100% Baby Alpaca, this chunkier knit is another go-to for traveling since it is wonderfully soft and warm while still having the thermo regulating properties of the alpaca fiber so you won't roast. Paired with the wrap pin, this scarf is another personal favorite. 

    Hat Knit Kit6. Espen Hat Knit Kit - We suggest this knit kit to travelers who knit, especially this time of year, because it is small enough to fit in your bag, but complicated enough to keep you from getting bored, even on a really long flight or drive. Added bonus is that once you finish it, you just pop it on your head, recycle the knit kit box, and use any leftover yarn to make a giant pompom or two! 

    Alpaca Socks7. Alpaca Trekker Socks - Whether you're heading to a city or somewhere rural, the idea is that when you get there you'll be doing some exploring. These trekker socks make the perfect companion because of their cushioned insole and arch support, as well as the fact that alpaca is naturally antimicrobial so they can go a few wears  between washes. We find them warm enough on the coldest days but don't leave your feet sweaty. 

    Wild Flower Honey Sticks8. Wildflower Honey Sticks - Finally, a stocking stuffer that is sweet and healthy - wildflower honey sticks. These amazing little packets of sweetness are filled with honey from our farm and are perfect for when you are on the go and need a little pick-me-up, or when you start to feel that itch at the back of your throat and you need a throat soother right away. 

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