1. For the Trekker
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    19/December For the Trekker

    Our final gift guide is For the Trekker in your life! Whether they like to run, hike, climb, ski, or just sit by the fire, we have them covered. Because these are the last days of shipping before Christmas, we are making this collection 25% so that you can fill the stockings of all your folks with love and socks! 

    Alpaca Ski Socks1. Alpaca Trekker Socks in Ankle, Crew, & Over the Calf -  Knit in the style of the most comfortable athletic socks, these beauties have cushioned insoles, arch support, ventilation, and a ribbed cuff that prevents slipping. They come in ankle height, perfect for running, crew height, perfect for hiking boots or skates, and over the calf, perfect for ski boots or simply keeping extra extra warm thanks to the alpaca yarn.

    Alpaca Gloves2. Alpaca Full Finger & Fingerless Gloves - These cloves are fabulous as stand alone gloves or work well as liners that you wear inside larger mittens but allow your hands to have dexterity if you need to take off your mitten for a minute to fiddle with keys, adjust a backpack, or change the song on your phone.

    Echoview Cotton T-Shirt3. Echoview T-Shirt - This t-shirt is made from super soft cotton and makes a great base layer when you are out on a run or hike. Plus, it features our adorable alpaca, and a lot of Echoview team spirit. 

    Baby Alpaca Hat4. Baby Alpaca Beanie - This beanie has a tight fit so it won't bounce around or flop off while you are on the move. It's close fit also means that it can fit very comfortably under the hood of a larger jacket but stay in place if you need to let down the hook to cool off a bit. Made from super soft baby alpaca, it is lightweight while still being extra warm. 

    Bee Balm5. Gypsy Bee EKHO Balm - Outdoor activities in the winter can leave your hands and face feeling chapped and dry, so this awesome and locally made balm is a must have for your jacket pocket. Loaded with shea butter and lemon butter, this balm stands up to the cold.

    Soaking Salts6. Gypsy Bee Bar Soap & Soaking Salts - Possibly one of the best things about being outdoors in the winter is that moment when you get home, exhausted, happy, and ready for a nice long shower or, if you're really lucky, a hot bath. We love Gypsy Bee's soap and bath salts for those very things. Sooth away the winter weather and pamper your soul.




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