1. For Those Who Would Rather Be Knitting
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    12/December For Those Who Would Rather Be Knitting

     It can be extra hard to know what to get the knitter in your life, especially if they already (eh-hem) have a lot of yarn. It can be even harder to know what to get a beginner knitter, especially if you don't knit! Well, we decode all that in this edition of our Gift Guides - For The Knitter! Check out our suggestions for which gifts work for who, then shop using the code THEKNITTER from December 12 - 19th for 15% off the entire collection. 

    Dog Sweater Knit Kit1. Canine Squeeze Knit Kit - This is a new one for us and man, it sure is cute! This cable knit kit is for a seasoned knitter, and their little dog too! 


    2. Handmade Yarn Bowl - These beauties are one of a kind. Handmade by artist Shonda Hastings, they are thrown on the potters wheel and then made with a perfect little notch to hold your yarn. They are beautiful and super functional for keeping your yarn in place as you knit!

    Fair Isle Yarn3. Fair Isle Collection - This yarn is really stunning, yet the Scotland Inspired Color Pallet keeps that beauty on the subtle side. The 100% merino wool fiber content gives it a beautiful luster and the high twist provides a lot of natural texture. A sport weight yarn, this collection is perfect for the knitter who likes complex projects with cables and color work. 

    Bulky Cotton Yarn4. Lanyard Yarn - This chunkier yarn is great for the knitter or crocheter who like bigger and more structural knitting projects - ideal for pillow cases, clutches, bags, or even going way outside of the box for macrame projects or easy plant hangers! This yarn is made on an old shoelace machine out of cotton so makes a fun gift when paired with some indigo dye!

    5. Bulky Merino Yarn - Another chunkier yarn, our Bulky Merino Yarn knits up quickly and comes in some really fun and peppy colors. Great for knitters who don't have a lot of time on their hands but like a project made out of wool! We love this color pallet for its warm and inviting hues. 

    Merino Rug Yarn6. Merino Wool Rug Yarn - Ok, this is actually the chunkiest of them all - this Merino Rug Yarn is almost as big as yarn comes and traditionally used in rug making, but we pair it with super-soft merino so that it can be knit up into an accessory! Knit on size 50 needles, this yarn is perfect for a beginner knitter, or a seasoned knitter who might like a change of pace! 

    Wooden Knitting Needles7. Knitting Needles, Straight & Double Pointed - Many seasoned knitters already have their needle collection in place, but for knitters just starting our or intermediate knitters, these beautiful wooden needles are sure to hit the spot. Made by Twin Birch, they are heirloom quality needles that make even the littlest project feel like a work of art. 

    Wooly Handwarmer8. Wooly Handwarmer Knit Kit - Great for the intermediate knitter, this project is a quick and unusual knit made with some of the softest yarn we have ever made. A combination of merino wool, alpaca, and mohair (raised right on our farm!) this single ply yarn is heavenly. The muff works well as a fashion accessory but is also reversible for extra warmth while your out walking the dog! 

    9. Crochet One Skein Wonders & Knitting Rules - Every knitter and crocheter loves a good tutorial or pattern book and these two are total keepers!

    10. Everyday Alpaca Throw Blanket in Medium & Small - Finally, if you're still feeling baffled, these throw blankets we knit are perfect for a knitter who likes to curl up and get cozy with their knitting. No pattern required. 

    Alpaca throw Blanket

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