1. New look, same values
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    24/August New look, same values

    We are proud to announce the launch of our new brand identity system that includes our new logo and product packaging as part of the ongoing evolution of the Echoview brand.  

    Echoview has progressed since we started our journey as a fiber processing mill in 2012. With our name meaning “a look to the past, with a view to the future,” we pay homage to our history and embrace what's yet to come as we concentrate on being a producer of premium American made home goods and apparel. With roots still grounded in the revitalization of American manufacturing, our new logo and packaging represents the heart of our products and our commitment to produce responsibly manufactured goods for the socially conscious consumer.

    The Logo

    The cornerstone of Echoview’s new brand identity is the redesigned logo. The new logo features a mark made of a single line intersecting to form the image of an alpaca. The alpaca, known for its luxurious fiber, is a signature animal for Echoview and references the use of alpaca fiber in several of our knitted goods such as shawls, blankets and socks. The new logo communicates the personality of Echoview, mixing sophisticated wit that is playfully simple.  

    The Packaging

    Our new packaging elegantly introduces the new logo, while presenting a modern progressive look to the Echoview brand. The design maintains the organic and natural feel of Echoview’s original packaging with the use of Kraft and recycled papers. It is brought to life with the Echoview peach color that beautifully contrasts with the organic elements. The abstract art featured on each product communicates our playfully simple design aesthetic while successfully giving each products its own unique look.

    New Look Same Values

    Echoview has been and will always be an innovative farm and manufacturing hub providing premium all natural goods, connecting community with commerce. We have been hard at work building a culture that drives change and sets a precedent for how quality goods are made and manufactured in America. We are supporting the conscientious buyer with a business they can believe in and trust. We promise to build community before product. We promise to care before we collect. We may look different, but we are still Echoview.

    Visit our store.

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