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    24/August Our Animals

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    The first animal that owned my heart was a black and white kitten, Joey, who my mom had found at a factory near our home eating orange peels.  Mom always loved animals and taught us not only to love them, but how to take care of them.  She would collect all the puppies and kittens dropped off on our road, try to find homes for them, and if she wasn't able to do so, we would end up with another pet.  We always had a Joey and I still have one to this day.

    So with the joy our animals bring us, also comes the responsibility of making sure they have a good life.  The way we take on this responsibility at Echoview sometimes starts before the animal arrives to live with us.  The animal always comes first.

    We have three Great Pyrenees dogs that protect our animals.  The big softies are always on the lookout for a predator in there midst.  These dogs live with the animals; they guard and become quite attached to them.

    We have chickens, turkeys and geese. We feed them the best food we can, which is often grown on the farm.  We have to balance their outdoor pasturing with keeping them safe from fox, coyotes and hawks.  And, we make special pens to keep them as comfortable as possible.

    Our two cows roam a large pasture and have a stream in which they cool off.  They love roaming around the woods and getting a sweet treat every now and then. We also have a special shed for them to retreat to when the weather is bad.

    Our three donkeys also roam freely as do our mules, Bonnie and Clyde. The goats have many pastures that they rotate through. We ensure that the grass is long enough so that it does not support parasites, thereby protecting our goats even more. 

    The alpacas and Nefertiti goats share the large pasture with cows, with the alpacas sometimes going to smaller pastures. 

    Everybody gets treats and grain once a day. We are careful to make sure that we do not have too many animals on the land. We keep them outside in their pasture with run-in sheds, because that is better for them than being in the barn.  We make sure they have the right shelter in all seasons.  We keep track of all the animals’ feet, because that is where small problems may turn into big ones.  We provide them with an abundance of fresh water and continually monitor for parasites.  All of our animals receive an annual vet check as well as any other veterinary checks that come up through out the year.

    At Echoview, the animals get to be themselves and provide us with joy and entertainment through out the year.

    Julie Jensen, Owner of Echoview Fiber Mill

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