1. People of Echoview: Amalia Fragoso
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    24/August People of Echoview: Amalia Fragoso

    Echoview is a small team with key people who bring our mission and vision to life. One of those people is Amalia Fragoso, our Customer Service Representative.  We recently had a little Q&A session with Amalia where she talks about her upbringing and what led her to Echoview. 

    Q: Tell us about your background.

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    Amalia (second from the left) and her sisters

    A: I grew up in Smithfield, VA (where the ham is from)! I have three sisters which is the best. I love coming from a large family! We are all very close and we have all ended up doing very different things with our careers. Our parents are very supportive of us, and in anything that we do. Growing up, I always had an interest in textiles. My neighbor was a quilter and she would let me play in her studio. My grandmother is from Puerto Rico.  She knitted us beautiful sweaters and I always admired her. When I was a teenager I taught myself how to use my mom’s sewing machine. Living close to Richmond, VA the decision was easy to apply to the art school at Virginia Commonwealth University. I received my Bachelors in Craft and Material Studies with a concentration in textile art.

    Q: How long have you worked at Echoview, and what do you do?

    A: I have worked at Echoview for about a year and a half.  I am the Customer Service Representative.  I check in fiber when customers bring it to the mill, and communicate with them about the best product to make with their fleece.  I test each batch using our OFDA tester, which helps decide the best outcome.  I also come up with new yarns for our store, which is always fun!

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    Q: Why Echoview?

    A: I moved to Asheville in January of last year.  There are big things happening with the textile industry in Western North Carolina and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  When I was in Richmond, I was playing on the computer and found Echoview Fiber Mill.  I immediately fell in love and felt that it was the place I needed to be. 

    Q: As an artist, what's so special about working at a fiber mill and farm?

    A: I used to work on a farm, just outside of Richmond.  I wove blankets with Dianne Nordt (Nordt Family Farm), using the wool from her sheep.  She also taught me a little bit about natural dying.  The connection of her sheep to the beautiful blankets we would create was a really special thing.  It was inspiring to me as an artist. 

    Q: What’s your favorite Echoview products and why?

    A: My favorite products at Echoview right now are the new socks.  It is like walking on a cloud!  I will never wear cotton socks again.  Also, I’m in love with the dryer balls.  It has saved me money on my electric bill and my clothes still come out soft!  And of course, I love our yarns.  They are really nice to work with!

    Q: What do you see in Echoview's future?

    A: We have a lot of projects coming up and I am in love with all of them.  I see us growing as a mill but still having a connection with farmers and artists.  They are the reason why we are able to grow.  And, I love my co-workers.  We have a really good team and I’m so happy to be a part of it. 

    Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

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    Amalia's dog, Vega

    A: I love to go hiking with my boyfriend and our crazy hound dog, Vega.  During the summer we go kayaking.  We live in the perfect place to explore.  I also work on my loom at home.  I mainly weave rag rugs and scarves.  I used to repair oriental rugs and my next challenge is to weave a hand-knotted rug.  I am hoping to start my own Etsy shop soon where I can finally sell my work! 

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