1. The Undulation Scarf
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    03/November The Undulation Scarf

    My first go at weaving was on an 8-shaft loom, which I learned to dress while my teacher joked in the background, “weaving attracts the neurotic.” For those of you unfamiliar with weaving terminology, an 8-shaft loom gives the weaver more opportunity to design intricate yarn interlacements. For reference, to weave the plainest fabric you only need 2-shafts or harnesses. Weaving attracts the neurotic? As if,I thought. In fact, I considered myself quite chaotic—always a little messy and always taking pleasure in the imperfection of creativity. As I dressed the loom, pulling tiny yarns through the eyes of tiny heddles in a pattern I had drafted, I started to wonder if I was neurotic. I was enjoying the rhythm and minutia, and I realized some might find it tedious. But no, I don’t think weaving attracts the neurotic.

    Weaving is like moving meditation. Your hands and feet fall into rhythm passing the shuttle back and forth, back and forth while pressing the treadles up and down, up and down.  Back and forth, up and down. While my muscles remember how to build fabric, I allow my mind to wander meaningfully. The rhythmic actions keep my thoughts grounded; I neatly arrange yarns with my hands and neatly make sense of thoughts that were once jumbled.

    The Undulation Scarf is named so for two reasons. Undulate means to move with a smooth, wavelike motion—like my thoughts while weaving, and like the gradual shift of graphic throughout the length of the scarf. The graphic is a variation of my very first woven cloth on that 8-shaft loom I mentioned earlier. It’s the cloth that introduced me to the soothing process of weaving, special to me because it sparked my infatuation with Textile Design when I was breaking up with Fashion. When I revisited that graphic with the intention to create a knit piece of fabric to wear, I coerced my mind into the same state as weaving. Though I was now programming on the computer I let my head slip into a meditative flow of thought, connecting mouse clicks with unfocused vision to intuitively shift the shapes on the screen.

    Undlation Scarf 3The Undulation Scarf is available in only one colorway: a soft, dove gray Baby Alpaca yarn paired with natural, undyed Rambouillet wool. I chose these colors because I wanted the graphic to be subtle and soothing, reminiscent of the thoughts that flowed while creating it. The face of the fabric has a clear graphic on it undulating blocks that move up and down the length of the scarf, while the back is blended and appears blurred to suggest the flickering state of mind I experience in moving meditation.

    The soft, washed fibers have a beautiful feel: just the right amount of fuzzy to warm your face and neck. The scarf is long enough to wrap it twice around, or to leave the ends long and loose for an elongating look. You can reveal the pattern side or blurry side according to your outfit or mood. A great thing, because I have a feeling you won’t want to take this one off. 

    Post written by: Allyson Ansusinha

    Knit Product Developer – Echoview


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