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  1. Baby Basket Weave Baby Blanket
    A true classic, our basket weave baby blanket is inspired by a pattern that’s in every knitter’s arsenal. A simple,...
  2. Baby Checked Rose Baby Blanket
    Sweet, delicate and lovely. That’s what we think of when we think babies, and the Checked Rose Baby Blanket was...
  3. Baby Extra Large Alpaca Figurine
    Looks can be deceiving. This much is true about this delightful Alpaca figure: it is softer than it looks, a...
  4. Baby Kid's Pom Pom Beanie
    $15.00 $30.00
    This adorable knit beanie will keep your kid cute and warm throughout the colder months. We knit it out of...
  5. Baby Kid's Trekker Socks
    Our trekker socks are made for dreamers and adventurers alike--and now for your little!  Every inch of these socks have...
  6. Baby Virgin Wool Basket Weave Baby Blanket
    Made with 100% Natural Virgin Wool     Help your baby get a good nights sleep with this luxurious wool...
  7. Baby Wool Crib Mattress Pad
    This crib mattress pad is made from 100% fine virgin, untreated wool from a local NC farm that has been felted into...