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  1. Laundry Dryer Balls
    Made by hand right here at the mill, these reusable wool balls leave load after load of laundry feeling soft...
  2. Laundry Mother's Little Helper Laundry Pills
    This 8 oz. glass jar holds 100 Laundry Pills and is intended to be refilled with the convenient, lightweight refill pack. 100...
  3. Laundry Shecology Laundry Powder
    Same great soap nut laundry powder blend as in the pills; just without the capsule. Each 8 oz. container does 66+...
  4. Laundry Shecology Natural Cleaning Sampler
    This natural hemp envelope if full of Shecology goodies. It contains a sample of everything one needs to turn over...
  5. Laundry Shecology Soap Nuts
    Shecology Golden Soap Nuts are 100% natural, safe for people, pets, and the planet, & gentle enough for people who are...