Weaverville is a serene town in the mountains of western North Carolina. The area is home to one of the most vibrant and active arts communities in the state. Our beautiful surroundings are an important part of our company culture. At Echoview Fiber Mill, we believe it’s our responsibility, and our honor, to support North Carolina’s artisans, farmers, local brewers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. We’re working to ensure that the craftsmanship and the heritage of American-made products continues to thrive. Weaverville may be small, but the town’s natural beauty and artistic heritage make it a place people want to visit. Although it’s uncrowded and unspoiled, we get our share of visitors who seek us out, or drive by and are enchanted by our property and want to learn more. (We love giving tours!)



Echoview partners with local business to help strengthen the bonds of our local community. We’re a working farm, in addition to being a state-of-the-art fiber mill. We’re both a producer and a supplier. We sell our hops to local brewers that microbrew beer. (The area has a hopping craft beer scene!) And we sell our honey to local businesses. We’re fans of keeping it local.
Our Partners:
Gather and Grow
Varian Brandon
Kniticality (Amy Johnson)



North Carolina and American-made products our sold in our store. We hope you, like the guests who happen upon us, will stop in our store (virtually or in person) and appreciate our carefully curated selection of clothes, household supplies, haircare products and (of course!) yarn.